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Q. How do I compute the amount of use-or-lose sick leave when I retire? I understand that I will lose all sick leave that is less than a whole month. The retirement office at work says I cannot compute this. The retirement program needs to do this because it is complicated. The retirement office has run several estimates. Each estimate is different. The differences are sometimes more than 100 hours for the same retirement date. For planning purposes, I would like to get a good estimate of the amount of use or lose sick leave. I don’t want to lose over a hundred hours.

A. Once you know your years and full months of service, any additional days that don’t make up a month are converted into hours and added to your hours of unused sick leave. To figure out how many additional months of service credit you’ll have, use the following chart:

174 hours = 1 month
348 hours = 2 months
522 hours = 3 months
696 hours = 4 months
870 hours = 5 months
1044 hours = 6 months
1217 hours = 7 months
1391 hours = 8 months
1565 hours = 9 months
1739 hours = 10 months
1913 hours = 11 months
2087 hours = 12 months
For any hours beyond one year, just start back at the beginning. Or you can save some pencil andpaper time by using the software at

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