90-day probationary period


Q. I’ve received an estimated annuity statement that shows my begin service date as 01/03/1974.  Three days later I receive a retirement letter of correction saying from 01/03/1974 to 04/03/1974 my retirement witholdings were under FICA. My CSRS contributions begin 04/04/1974. If I retire June 3, I have enough sick leave to give me 38 years and one month of service. Will my first 90 days being under FICA leave me short of 38 years of service as far as getting 72 percent of my high-3 years? Do I need to stay three more months to be sure I don’t loose 2 percent of my high-3?

A. While that period of nondeduction service is creditable when determining your length of service, it cannot be used in your annuity computation unless you make a deposit to the retirement system of the amount you owe, including accrued interest.


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