Q: I have 30 years of service, 18½ under CSRS and 12 under CSRS Offset. When I began my career in 1979 I had four months under FICA, not CSRS. The four months will still count for service and calculating my annuity but unless I pay it back, 10 percent of the amount (which is $600 now) $60 will be deducted yearly from my annuity. Is it to my benefit to repay the $600 or have the monthly annuity reduced by $5 for rest of my retirement? If I live 20 years after retirement, $1,200 would have been reduced from my retirement, versus paying back $600. Also, since the original $600 is never paid back, does it continue to accumulate interest and continue to grow?

A: Now that you have done the analysis, you are in the best position to make the decision.


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