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Q: I have been on disability retirement and collecting SSID since 2001. I suffered a spinal cord injury that wasn’t job-related. I have 14 years Leo coverage at 1.7% per year and four years not in a covered position 1.1? What percentage do I get calculating my retirement annuity while I am under disability retirement, 1.1 or 1.7 for the 20 years, to age 57? And what is the rate up to age 62? If somehow I was able to return to work, a miracle as a Leo, would I receive any credit while I was on disability retirement for the 10 years?  Returning to work now, if possible, would be financially advantageous now, but would my final retirement annuity be larger going back to work or staying disabled?

A: If you are still on disability retirement when you reached age 62, you would be converted to regular retirement and the amount of your annuity based your total years of service, both actual and while on disability retirement, and your high-3 on the day you left the service, increased by any cost-of-living adjustments that have occurred while you were on disability retirement. The percentage multiplier would be 0.01 percent. What would happen if you were to return to work depends on the nature of the appointment, your salary, whether you are determined to be recovered from your disability, etc. For a better understanding of what would happen under different scenarios, go to www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C060.pdf.


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