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Q: During the late 1960s, I worked part-time as an intermittent for a federal agency while in college. After graduation, I have worked as a full-time federal employee and under CSRS with only one break in service for a few years during the early 1970s. My SCD for retirement purposes has in the past been calculated as if the part-time/intermittent work during the late 1960s was full time.  Recently, I discovered that about a year ago someone associated with my agency, I don’t know who, recalculated my retirement SCD and reduced the amount of credit I received for the part-time work. As a consequence, my SCD was “moved” to about five months later than what it was previously. At this point, I have no record of how many hours I worked during my part-time employment, nor does it appear there is any record in my OPF. I have been unsuccessful in finding out from my agency Human Resources office how whoever recalculated the SCD came up with the number of hours that they credited for the part-time work. Based on law and regulation, how should my part-time work be credited for purposes of determining my retirement SCD?

A: Since your part-time service was correctly recalculated, the law changed for CSRS employees. Under Section 1903 of Public Law 111-84, you will now get full credit for the time and the annuity value for that period of service will be prorated. To see how that’s done, go to and scroll down to the section of FERS computations. CSRS and FERS part-time service is now treated the same way.


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