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Q: Who do I contact to find out how long I worked for the postal service?

A: Since you aren’t currently a federal employee and can’t go to your personnel office and retrieve that information from your Official Personnel Folder (OPF), you’ll have to request that information from the National Personnel Records Center. Here’s their instructions: Federal law [5 USC 552a(b)] requires that all requests for records and information be submitted in writing. Each request must be signed (in cursive) and dated (within the last year). Please identify the documents or information needed and explain the purpose of your request.

Certain basic information needed to locate civilian personnel records, includes: full name used during Federal employment, date of birth, Social Security Number (if applicable), name and location of employing Federal agency, beginning and ending dates of Federal service.

Written requests (signed and dated) may be mailed or faxed to:

National Personnel Records Center, Annex
1411 Boulder Boulevard
Valmeyer, IL 62295
Fax: 618-935-3014

Since you may not know the exact dates of your employment with the Postal Service, you’ll have to do the best you can, for example, by approximating when you worked there, such as “1985 to 1989” or “late 1980s.”


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