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Q: I retire from the bureau of prisons as a correctional officer in two years. My entire 20 years will be as a guard. When I retire, I will be 54 years old. Under the special law enforcement provision of Social Security, am I entitled to a partial draw from Social Security at age 54?

A: Assuming that you are a law enforcement officer and are covered under the special provision that allows you retire at age 50 with 20 years of service, you would immediately be entitled to the special retirement supplement. The SRS approximates the Social Security benefit you earned as a FERS employee. Unlike non-covered employees who retire before their minimum retirement age, you will be able to earn as much as you want from wages or self employment until you reach your MRA. After that, you will be subject to the annual Social Security earnings limit. In 2011 that limit is $14,160.


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