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Q:  I am on disability retirement and the likelihood of returning to work is dim. I worked four years in a non-covered position. The next 14 years I was an 1811, special agent. The last 10 years I’ve been on disability retirement. The next eight years up to age 62 are likely to be disability retirement. In view of the above, how many years of service would I have? Do I receive the LEO 1.7 multiplier for the 14 years covered?

A: All FERS disability annuities are calculated using the standard formula, with a multiplier of 0.01. At age 62 your disability annuity would be converted to a regular annuity, with your years on disability retirement added to your years of actual service. Your high-3 would be the one you had on the day you went on disability retirement, increased by any intervening retiree cost-of-living adjustment.


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