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Q: I am on disability retirement through the postal service. I am 48 years old and am FERS.  I have been retired since 2009. I am also receiving Social Security Disability.  I just received information from Social Security stating I am required to receive Medicare B.  It says I may opt out, but if I decide to join later, I may end up paying penalties.  My question is can I keep my health insurance through FEHBP? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield. If I do keep it, and decide to keep Medicare B, is Medicare B the supplementary insurance or the primary?  If I decide I do not want Medicare B, will I be penalized when I do want to have it?  What if I don’t want Medicare B until I reach the legal age? Will I still need to pay back penalties?

A: Enrolling in Medicare Part B is voluntary; however, as you were told, if you later elect to enroll in Part B, you will have to pay the penalty for late enrollment. That penalty is 10 percent for each 12-month period you could have been enrolled but weren’t. Because you aren’t employed, Medicare is your primary payer and FEHB plan your secondary payer.


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