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Q.  As a federal firefighter (GS-0081) retiring under FERS at the mandatory age of 57, can I continue working past 57 as a firefighter in a secondary position (fire chief)? I am being told that I mandatorily must retire at 57 even though I am in a secondary position as fire chief.  If not, could you provide the regulation?

A.  What you were told is correct. The requirement that a firefighter be mandatorily retired at age 57 is found in, scroll down to Section 46A3.3-2 and Section 46B3.3-2.


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  1. a follow up question, with the DOI recently changing the hiring eligibility age from 37 to 40 and thus pushing out the mandatory retirement age from 57 to 60, can this new mandatory age retirement be utilized by those hired under the previous age requirements?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question. You’ll have to check with your department’s personnel office.

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