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Q. I applied for disability retirement in February 2009 (Federal Employees Retirement System). I was approved in June 2009 and immediately began to receive interim payments. However, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to contact the Office of Personnel Management regarding finalizing my annuity. I took voluntary early retirement at age 53, and I cannot seem to get any information regarding finalization. They only tell me that once it is finalized, I will be notified within seven to 10 business days.

I’ve seen in your column where there was a person owing $23,000 after his annuity was finalized and having to have $500 withheld from his regular monthly benefit to pay this back. I’ll reach my minimum retirement age in June 2012. Would this be the final calculation date?

A. Because you are in interim pay, it’s unlikely that you would owe anything once your disability retirement application is finalized. Instead, you will probably receive back pay to make up the difference between what you were paid and what you should have been paid.

P.S.: Your MRA has nothing to do with the finalization of your case. It will be finalized as soon as OPM has completed its review and determined the correct amount of your annuity.


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