CSRS Offset and Social Security


Q. I retired under CSRS Offset in January. I am obliged to begin receiving Social Security at age 62 even though I would not normally request Social Security until I reached full retirement age (in my case at 66 and seven months). What effect will disbursement of Social Security beginning at age 62 have on the amount of Social Security that I will receive if I do not retire until I reach full retirement age? I know that I am subject to the earnings test for whatever income I receive between age 62 and when I formally retire. I am, as well, going to be subject to the windfall elimination provision since I will not have 30 years of creditable Social Security service.

A. The offset applies at age 62 only if you are retired or when you retire if it’s after you reach age 62. Even it you retired and the offset was applied to your CSRS annuity, you aren’t required to apply for a Social Security benefit until you want to. If you didn’t apply for it until you reached full retirement age, there wouldn’t be any reduction in your Social Security benefit.


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