Postponing annuity receipt


Q: I am a 57-year-old FERS employee with 26 years of service in my current position. I made a deposit in FERS some years ago to buy back previous civilian service. Some of this service involved intermittent time and LWOP. I recently met with my agency to determine whether I have 30 years of credit and thus can retire on an unreduced annuity and receive the special supplement. My agency had a great deal of difficulty making the determination. It took seven weeks and it had to consult with specialists at another center. It finally decided I will have 30 years of credit next month. OPM refused to review my case before I separate. If I leave and OPM disagrees with my agency that I have 30 years of credit, my annuity will be substantially reduced, and I won’t be eligible for the special supplement. If OPM disagrees (after I leave) that I have 30 years of credit, am I entitled to tell OPM that I wish to postpone my annuity until I am 60 to eliminate the reduction? I understand that, in that situation, I would not be eligible for the special supplement.

A: Yes, you can postpone receipt of your annuity.


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