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Q: I’m a dual-status federal/military technician in the Air National Guard. I have eight years of active duty with the remainder in the ANG for a combined total of just more than 20 years of military service. I’m going before a medical board because of service-connected disabilities (VA rated at 70 percent). Soon after the board, I will be separated from the ANG and retire from my technician position on FERS disability. Assuming my military disability rating will come back at 30 percent or more, will I be eligible for immediate concurrent receipt of all military disability pay, VA disability compensation and FERS disability retirement?

A: I’m only qualified to answer the part that deals with your entitlement to civilian retirement benefits. As a National Guard technician, if you are medically disqualified for military duty, you’d receive FERS disability benefits wihout having to meet the usual disability criteria. You’ll have to check with the VA and your branch of service to learn if you are entitled to any other benefits.


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