Q.  I retired with 28 years of service at age 51 (voluntary early retirement), was rehired as a retired annuitant with my current term ending Jan. 31 after 4 ½ years and collecting both my pension and salary.  Now, I wish to come back (reinstatement) to my old field position at the same grade level  and wish to rescind the collection of my pension and receive my old salary.  Will I have to pay back anything and will there be any off set to my salary at Grade 12 because of receiving a pension in the past?

A. Because you retired voluntarily, if you return to work for the government in the way you described, the salary of your new position will be offset by the amount of your annuity.


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  1. Michael Castellani on

    I retired in 2009 with a Discontinued Service Retirement and have been collecting my annuity since. I’m looking to be reinstated. I thought I read, but can’t find again, that I would have a choice…1. continue to collect my annuity plus new salary, but with no added points for retirement and no TSP or 2. skip the annuity and get the new salary, TSP and additional years for retirement? Can you point me in the right direction, please?

    • I need more information. What is your current age? How many years of service did you have when you left? Which retirement system were you in, CSRS of FERS?

  2. I have two offers from my old agency, I took early retirement, both offers indicate the basic step one salary. Do I get a step increase in my new hire based on length of service if I give up my retirement annuity? Also, I never bought back my military time, can I do so in my new position, I qualified for CSR based on military time but was paid under FERS because I did not do the buy back.

    • Which retirement system were you in, CSRS or FERS? What is yOur current age and length of service, including any years since you retired?

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