Will FEHB plan cover wife?


Q. I am a Civil Service Retirement System retiree approaching age 65. My wife and I have been covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard Option FEHB since retiring in 2002. My wife will not be eligible for Medicare until 2013, and she has never been employed by the federal government. Do I maintain my Federal Employees Health Benefit plan for both of us in order for her to be covered? Or is there some provision that will permit me to pay a Medicare Part B premium for my portion of the health care coverage out of my annuity while maintaining her FEHB full health insurance premium?

A. The only way she can continue to be covered by your FEHB plan is for you to continue being enrolled in the self-and-family option. If you additionally elect to be covered by Medicare Part B, those premiums can be deducted from your annuity.


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