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Q: I retired from the Air Force in 1998, after 26 years and two months of service. In September 2000 I started a civil service career; and immediately started paying the deposit of the military buyback to secure all of my military service, (completed by April 2003). I am trying to ascertain whether I should have been placed in the CSRS Offset pension program, and started acquiring eight hours annual leave per pay period. I am 57 and preparing for retirement in about three years and trying to ensure my record is accurately reflecting my benefits.

A: Because you were first employed after Dec. 31, 1987, you were automatically placed in FERS. As someone receiving military retired pay, you would only be entitled to credit for that time in determining your leave accrual rate if that pay was awarded on account of a service-connected disability either incurred in combat with an enemy of the U.S. or caused by an instrumentality of war and incurred in the line of duty during a period of war.


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