FEHB and Medicare after 65


Q. I am 65, employed at the U.S. Postal Service and applying for Medicare Ppart A but not Part B. I am confused after reading in the FEHB benefits brochure from several plans: “When you are age 65 or over and do not have Medicare …” That sound like if I do not take Medicare Part B, plans will pay less benefits and I will be paying more. There is a benefit to taking Part B, but the monthly premium negates it. I am afraid they pay only what Medicare pays and I will be left paying the difference.

A. If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B, you’ll be responsible for any costs that exceed the Medicare-approved amounts for physicians who accept Medicare assignment for your claims or a potentially higher amount if your physicians don’t accept Medicare. You’’ll have to decide if the premiums you’d pay for Part B will be offset over time by what you’d gain from having that coverage.


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