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Q. Can I buy back temp time?  I’m currently a permanent employee and I was a temp for 15 months. I am not getting ready to retire, but; I was told that I could buy back my temp time.  Is this true?.

A. Unfortunately, you can’t get credit for that time. Under FERS, periods of nondeduction service performed on or after Jan. 1, 1989, aren’t creditable for either length of service or annuity computation purposes.


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  1. Hi Reg,

    I worked in 1982 for 3 months of the summer youth program for Dept of Sanitation from 06/82-09/82 and I also worked for Dept of Human Services from 06/83-09/83 can i get credit for this time frame for retirement purposes and SCD?

    • If either of those jobs was not with the federal government, you can’t get credit for it. On the other hand, if either of those jobs was with the federal government and retirement deductions were taken from your pay, that time is creditable. However, if retirement deductions weren’t taken from your pay, you may be able to make a deposit to get credit for that time. Your personnel office can determine if that service was creditable and, if a deposit is required, tell you how to make it.

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