BCBS and Medicare Part B


Q. I work and have family coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield through my job and I have a son on the plan. BCBS told me that even though my disabled husband is eligible for Medicare Part B in March of 2012 and chooses not to get it because it will cost $120 a month that it will not pay for anything that Medicare covers under that plan. It will coordinate benefits for Part A and he can still get his prescriptions, but I still have to pay the same premium to BCBS and it is not covering my husband for his regular medical visits and labs and other things that Medicare covers. If they used to cover something for him that Medicare does not cover, BCBS will not cover that either.

Do I have any other options that will not cost me more money or as much money without loss of needed services?

A. If an enrollee or covered family member in Blue Cross and Blue Shield doesn’t sign up for Medicare Part B, the plan is still required to provide the benefits listed in its brochure. To see how they are covered and what you must pay, read page 24 in your plan brochure.


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