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Q. I am a TransFERS employee with 12 years of CSRS service and 25 years of FERS service. At the time I transferred, I had approximately 600 hours of unused sick leave. I now have approximately 1,400 hours of unused sick leave. I understand that I would receive credit for the 600 hours earned under CSRS and credit for half of the balance earned under FERS. Will the 600 hours be credited as extra CSRS time and be subject to the 2 percent multiplier or will it all be tacked onto my FERS time and subject to the 1 percent multiplier?

A. Sick leave hours up to the maximum number you had when you transferred to FERS will be added to your actual CSRS service and computed using the CSRS formula. Because you are retiring before Jan. 1, 2014, half of any remaining hours of sick leave will added to your actual FERS service and computed using the FERS formula.


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