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Q. If I start working for the Transportation Security Administration at age 55 and work until 65 will I receive a monthly retirement pension? If so how do I determine the monthly amount? Also, under the same scenario as above starting at 55 and working until 65 will I receive any medical benefits upon retiring at 65.

A. Yes, you would be eligible for an annuity. Anyone who has reached age 62 and has at least five years of service is eligible for one. Here’s the formula used to determine the amount of that annuity: 0.01 x your highest three consecutive years of average pay x your years and full months of service.

If you were enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program for the five consecutive years before you retired, you would be able to carry that coverage into retirement. Assuming that you had at least 10 years of employment over your lifetime from which Social Security deductions were taken, you’d be entitled to coverage under Medicare Part A, which would be free, and eligible to enroll in Part B, for which you’d have to pay the premiums.



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