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Q. I am a 43-year-old federal employee with Blue Cross Blue Shield basic for family. My wife is not a federal employee and is turning 65 and going on Medicare. Is it better for me financially to take her off and go to single plan and get her parts A and B with supplemental or can I carry her forward on my current plan. If I keep the family BC/BS, who will be primary? Will the out-of-pocket expenses for her decrease?

A. There is no better coverage available than that under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. Therefore, your first choice should be to continue your enrollment in the self and family option. Assuming that she is eligible for a Social Security benefit, she will automatically be covered by Medicare Part A, at no cost to her. Whether she wants to accept Medicare Part B is up to her based on her current and anticipated health care needs. She’ll have to look at the overlaps and differences between Part B and her coverage under your FEHB plan. If she is covered under your FEHB plan and Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), she will have few if any out-of-pocket expenses. The same is true for Part B (medical insurance).


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