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Q. I retired from FERS in 2007 with 19 years of service as a  6c law enforcement officer and seven years at other agencies and military time I had bought back.  I had about 26 years’ total service.  If the five years I have been retired is counted, I will have about 31 years when I am 56.  Does the time in disability retirement accrue as a 6c LEO time since I retired as a 6c LEO or is it counted as other? When I am 56 and with the time counted on disability retirement counted toward my total I will have 31 years.  If I am found recovered, can I apply for immediate retirement at 56 (minimum retirement age)?

A. If you continue to be disabled, at age 62, your disability annuity would be converted to a regular annuity. The amount would be computed using the standard formula: 0.01 x your high-3 on the day you left x all years and full months of service. If you were found recovered from your disability, because you would have reached your MRA and had at least 30 years of service, you could convert to a regular annuity, which would be computed using the formula above.




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