Annuity with post-retirement part-time work


Q. I retired from the Postal Service with 30 years of service at age 56.5. I am looking to apply to TSA as a transportation security officer but wonder if this will have any effect on my retirement being received from the Office of Personnel Management? Also, if I were to work for TSA for one, three or five years and then quit, would OPM recompute my retirement adding these years in (35 vs. 30)? I am applying for part-time work (25 hours weekly) and retired under FERS. I will have been retired for five years as of Dec. 31.

A. You’ll have to check with your prospective employer to see if you would be taking a position that would allow you to receive both your annuity and your salary. If you were, then when you left, you would get no credit for that time, and your annuity would not be recomputed. If, on the other hand, you were hired into a position that didn’t allow you to keep both benefits, your salary would be offset by the amount of your annuity. And, if you made a deposit to the retirement system, you’d be eligible for a supplemental annuity after working for one year, and a redetermined annuity after five years.


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