Military medals and leave accrual


Q. How does the expeditionary or campaign medal qualify an employee for the possibility of being in an increased leave category? I was under the impression that campaign and expeditionary medals only qualify for leave categories when an employee is a retiree from the military. Is this correct?

In my scenario, I have seven years of active-duty Navy service and five years of civil service in FERS totaling 12 years. I am in Leave Category 2, which grants of six hours of leave per pay period until I reach 15 years of service. At that time, my leave jumps to Category 3, for which I will earn eight hours per pay period.

Is there a stipulation, directive or law that states if a campaign or expeditionary medal has been earned, it authorizes an employee credit for leave, possibly placing them in a different leave category? I have a Kosovo Campaign Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. If this scenario is correct, what should I do?

A. Here’s what OPM has to say: For nonretired members, full credit for uniformed service (including active duty and active duty for training) performed under honorable conditions is given for leave accrual purpose.


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  1. I was station at AFSOUTH in Italy for Bosnia and Kosovo. I deployed to Croatia and was indirect support for my entire five (5) years at AFSOUTH. can I get credit for leave accrual for my entire tour at AFSOUTH?

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