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Q. I was involuntarily downgraded from a GS-07 (step 7) to a GS-04-00 in 2002 because of a contracting study to provide the most efficient organization. I challenged this downgrade at the union and Equal Employment Opportunity levels and was told that this was perfectly legitimate. However, I am reading some entitlements literature from the civilian personnel management service displaced employee guide which states that a reasonable offer must be made in writing and should not be lower than two grades or pay bands below my current permanent grade without consideration of grade or pay retention. I have not received any offers at my current level for re-promotion. Is this legitimate? What actions would I have to take? Is there another agency that I should be speaking to about this?

A. Your agency and union may be right. However, to verify it, you should ask them to show you in writing where it says that.


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