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Q. I am a dual-status federal tech (16 years)/Air National Guard (19 years, 6 months) and I just turned 47. There is a very good chance I will be medically disqualified from the ANG within the next few months. I will be unable to pay the bills on 40 percent of my tech base pay. If I get another job, what is the maximum allowable percentage or amount I can earn without being “restored to earning capacity” and losing my annuity? Does that figure include the annuity?

Also, concerning the Air National Guard retirement, if I am a few months short of reaching 20 years, will I lose my military retirement at age 60?

A. The maximum amount you could earn from nonfederal employment in 2012 would be $14,640. If you earned more than that, your disability annuity would be suspended and not reactivated until your earnings fell below that level. Just be aware of the fact that if you took a job with the federal government, your disability retirement would be canceled.

Because this is a site for federal civilian employees, I don’t know what effect having fewer than 20 years of service will have on your military retirement. You’ll have to raise that question with your branch of service.


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