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Q. I am currently a 6c AIA who is getting ready to start Title 10 contingency orders stateside. I realize that Title 10 orders for a contingency are not a factor for five years of military leave, but how will this affect my retirement? Will I still be able to retire at the minimum 20 years, and will I have to make contributions to the FERS retirement? (I realize I will have to buy back the military years for a higher retirement percentage.)

A. If you are called to active duty and on completion of that assignment return to a covered position, that time will be credited as covered service, allowing you to retire when you have 20 years. However, as you noted, you’ll have to first make a deposit to get credit for that time.


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    I am a 6c covered LEO. I was activated in the Army Reserve for 14 months in 2004/5. I was in a covered position before and after the activation. I have paid the deposit to buy back the time. I asked DFAS to provide a retirement estimate. They showed the activated buy back time as non 6c covered time. Is that correct? Or, does the activated time count as covered 6c LEO time? DFAS estimate contradicts answer above.


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