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Q. I changed from GEHA high deductible to Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard Family and would like to add one of the vision plans. When I called BEST, they told me this could only be done during open season. I thought this was like an addition to the Federal Employees Health Benefits plan. I realize these are stand-alone plans, and I haven’t had a life qualifying event. I just want to get a vision plan for the first time. Have I missed the boat until the next open season?

A. Yes, you’ve missed the boat. Unless you have a life qualifying event or are a newly hired employee, enrollment is only possible during the annual open season.


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  1. Is Geha standard insurance just as good as bcbs standard. I also have Medicare for myself. My husband is 3 years younger so he will just be on geha standard insurance?

    • You are asking for an opinion, which I can’t give you. You’ll have to review the costs and benefits of both plans and then decide which one is best for you.

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