Non-dual-status and buying back time


Q. I am a non-dual-status employee, under FERS. I resigned in 2007 with a deferred retirement. I didn’t touch it. I came back in 2009 as an emergency hire non-dual-status for two years. I then was made a temporary NTE for two years. I was then brought back as a reinstatement employee NTE four years with my benefits back. Is there any way to pay back any of the time between when I resigned and when I came back as a reinstatement employee? When I resigned, I had 20 years of retirement but was nowhere near the age. I am now 53.

A. As a rule, nondeduction service performed on or after Oct. 1, 1989, isn’t creditable for length of service or annuity computation purposes, nor can you make a deposit to get credit for it.


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