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Q. I am a Customs and Border Protection officer, series 1895, with an enhanced (6c) FERS pension and am moving into another position with the same agency as an investigative program specialist, series 1801. I was grandfathered in with CBP prior to the enhanced coverage changes a couple of years ago resulting in age requirements concerning coming on the job and retirement.  I have been with Customs and CBP for almost almost nine years, joining the agency in my 40s. Will this change in positions result in my losing the enhanced coverage and law enforcement officer status? If so, how will the change affect me? Is there a maximum retirement age with the 1801 position?

A. 1801 is a catchall series. Whether a particular 1801 position would be covered by the enhanced retirement provision (and, therefore, have a mandatory retirement age) would depend on what’s written in the position description. You’ll have to check that out before you transfer.


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