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Q. After 30 years of federal service, I retired in 2002. I was re-employed by the Department of Health and Human Services in April 2010, full-time permanent under the same CSRS plan from which I originally retired. At that time, my salary was offset by the amount of my annuity. How long will I need to work without a break in federal service to qualify for a recalculation of my original CSRS annuity? I contribute to CSRS retirement, and I participate in the Thrift Savings Program. I expect to work for six additional years, when I will have reached my 71st birthday.

A. If you work full time for a least one year, you will be entitled to a supplemental annuity based solely on that period of service. If you work for at least five years, your annuity will be recalculated as though you were retiring for the first time. The same formula that was used to calculate your original annuity will be used to calculate your re-determined annuity.


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