Military buyback and MRA+10


Q. I am still uncertain on one nuance of the five years to be vested. I am working through the process to “sell back” my four years of Air Force Academy time. I started work this year (March 2012). When I hit March 2018, I will have six years of civilian time and four years of military credited time. Will I be eligible for a MRA +10 using the four military years? I will be past my minimum retirement age with over five years of civilian time and over 10 years of total creditable service.

A. Yes, you can retire under the MRA+10 provision if you 1) have reached your MRA; 2) have at least five years of actual FERS service and; 3) have at least 10 years of total service when when combined with active-duty service for which you have made a deposit.


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