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Q. I am in CSRS. I will be 55 on Sept. 3. I will have 36 years and seven months at that time. Would it be beneficial for me to stay until February of next year to have a total of 37 years of service? I planned on retiring in December.

A. I can give you the facts. If you retire with 36 years and seven months of service, your annuity would equal 69.4167 percent of your high-3. If you retire with 37 years of service, it would be 70.25 percent of your high-3. If you have any unused sick leave, the percentages would be even greater. Every additional month you work would increase your annuity by roughly 1/6 of 1 percent. Deciding if it’s beneficial to stay onboard for an additional five months is up to you to decide.


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