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Q. I am three years and eight months younger than my wife. She had carried the insurance premium for both of us since 1976. I had to take up Blue Cross/Blue Shield this year myself, since Medicare is not a family plan. I plan to retire for health reasons on April 27, 2013, with 34 years of service, but I do not know if my Federal Employees Health Benefits plan will continue, due to the recent acquiring of my own plan. I was under her plan as a dependent for 35 years, but I am also a federal employee. If I retire, I do not know if I will be eligible for Medicare until I am 65.

A. You only need to be covered by or enrolled in FEHB to be eligible to carry that coverage into retirement. I’m not sure that I understand your second question. However, assuming that you are asking if you will be eligible to enroll in Medicare when you reach age 65, the answer is yes.


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