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Q. I need clarification regarding the blog “2012 outlook eases slightly with COLA’s return” and the FERS annuity supplement. If I retire under FERS with 6c law enforcement coverage at age 51 and my minimum retirement age is 57, at what time will I be subject to the earnings test and my supplement reduced if my earnings exceed the permitted amount? Your comments about “two exceptions” make it sound as though those under 6c are not subject to the earnings test at all, before or after the minimum retirement age. Yet your last sentence, “In either case, when you reach minimum retirement age, you’ll be subject to the earnings limit” sounds as though we are subject to the test. Are we or are we not exempt from the earnings test? And where can I find that in the literature from the Office of Personnel Management?

A. Law enforcement officers, firefighters and air traffic controllers who retire before their minimum retirement age are: 1) entitled to receive the special retirement supplement and 2) exempt from the Social Security earnings limit until they reach their MRA. From then on, they are subject to the earnings limit.


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