LEO retirement and military buyback


Q. I am currently a federal employee and my career is as follows: I joined the military reserves at 17 and was activated for the Gulf War, received two years of credible service. I began my civilian career at age 23 as a customs inspector (non-6 (c) coverage) and was there for three years. At age 26, I became an 1811 with the INS for two years. At age 29, I joined ATF as an 1811. Now I am 39. If I buy back my military time now, would that allow me to retire at age 46 with 20 years of 6 (c) coverage and 25 years of total government time, or do I have to be in a covered position for 25 years to retire with 25 years at any age?

A. You have to have 25 years of covered service to retire under the special provision.


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