Leave without pay and involuntary recall


Q. I am on active duty under Title 10 for a 225-day involuntary recall deployment. I am also a 15-year federal employee. Upon coming into the federal position in 2003, I bought back my four years of active-duty time, which has been applied to my FERS position. I would now like to have the deployment days added onto my federal career. I am on leave without pay. However, I am receiving differential of pay. Would I be authorized to have the deployment time calculated to my federal position? I was also informed that I would receive no evaluation or SF-50 while out of my federal position. Therefore, would a military evaluation be allowed in my federal service record for future job reference? How is leave without pay applied if I am applying for other federal jobs?

A. Because you are on LWOP-US, when you return to your civilian job, you can make a deposit to get credit for that time. While your military evaluation might be of interest to a future employer, it would only carry weight if your military assignment was in the same field and at the same level of the job for which you were applying.


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