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Q. I am a new employee and have both service computation date (April 29, 2011) and date of hire (May 7, 2012). When calculating step increases (going from 7 to 8, for example) or vacation accrual (going from four to six hours per pay period) or similar, which date do I use for the calculations? For example, it’s three years between a step 7 and 8, so for me, will that happen April 29, 2014, or May 7, 2015? I don’t know the standard time period before I go from four to six hours’ sick accrual, but is that based off service computation date or date of hire?

Are there any pamphlets or books on these common questions or 1-800 numbers for federal employees? I’m a tenant at my work assignment, and getting answers to such simple questions isn’t simple. I would like to be able to research on my own when new questions arise. Thanks.

A. Your leave accrual rate and within-grade increases will be based on your Service Computation Date (SCD). The underlying law is at 5 U.S. Code Chapter 61 and the regulations at 5 CFR Part 630.


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