Q. My organization, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency, is in the process of going through a reduction in force. My organization headquarters is at Fort Detrick, Md. My SPT division is Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and my duty station is at Sierra Army Depot, Calif. At the town hall meeting, they mentioned umbrellas. What are they talking about? And how can this affect a bump and retreat?

2.) I’m categorized as 1AD (tenure group 1 with 30 percent Veterans Affairs Department disability). If my position is affected, can I bump into another position outside of my duty station but within the organization?

3.) I have a tentative job offer with another organization within the government (waiting on a start date), will/could my relocation be paid by my current organization? And if so, would I have to wait and go through the RIF to be entitled to the relocation payment?

4.) If a civilian’s conditional status (tenure 2) turns to permanent status (tenure 1) on Sept.  8, and the RIF notices went out July 20 for the RIF to take place by Sept. 20, is the civilian tenure group a 1 or 2 for the RIF?

A. You can get the answers to some of your questions by going to www.opm.gov/reduction_in_force and clicking on the word GUIDANCE.

Others can only be answered by your agency. As for the word umbrella, I’ve never heard it used in the context of a RIF. You’ll have to ask the person who used it.


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