Q. I am trying to take advantage of the redeposit and can’t seem to find information to get this done. The current form 3108A does not address this particular subject. Human Resources was not familiar with it.

It is on the Postal Service blue page, but that is as much information that I can get.

I left USPS for eight months, and I took my Thrift Savings Plan and roll into an IRA. I want to find out how to get this redeposit, to receive credit for my annuity computation, and also my eligibility to retire.

I am currently employed with USPS, with 27 years of service.

A. If you withdrew your retirement contributions when you left government, you could use the Standard Form 3108A to redeposit the money and get credit for that period of service in determining your years of service and in your annuity computation. If, on the other hand, you only withdrew the money in your TSP account, that won’t have any effect on your eligibility to retire or in your annuity computation. If you still want to transfer money from your IRA to the TSP, you’ll need to go to their site (www.tsp.gov) and find out how to do that.


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