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Q. After 30 years with Civil Service, I took an early out in April 2005 at the age of 55. I am subject to off-set since I had a break in Civil Service and was then rehired. When I reached age 62, my annuity was reduced by more than $1,000/month. I was under the impression that the (regular) Social Security fund to which I contributed would make up for the reduction. A Social Security customer service rep said Social Security will not make up the difference.

I would prefer to not be disabled but cannot fix the issue. I feel I am penalized for having had to draw disability since 2008. I have read where others in a similar situation were able to recover the reduced annuity via Social Security while also having Social Security disability and would like to know if and how this could be possible.

A. If I understand what you are saying, you retired and subsequently applied for and were approved for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). At age 62, as required by law, your annuity was reduced by the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while covered by CSRS Offset.

Since you were already receiving SSDI, you could not receive both it and a separate Social Security benefit based on your Offset service. I’m not aware of any way you could “recover” the reduced annuity while also receiving SSDI. If anyone who reads this does know of a way of doing that, please let me know.


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