Soon to retire, and CSRS wife has Medicaid


Q. I am thinking of retiring soon, with 35 years’ service at 62 years old. My wife is 72 and bedridden and has Part A Medicare and Medicaid and is still on my FEHB. I have been told I should have her apply for Part B Medicare and drop her from my FEHB. She will have parts A and B Medicare and Medicaid, and from a letter she received recently, she is covered also under Part D prescription. Is taking her off my insurance the thing to do, or will I end up with many out-of-pocket expenses? I also believe she will be in a nursing home before this year ends, which I believe is covered by Medicaid. I am hoping to be retired by this fall, and I need guidance/answers. I would of course continue my coverage under FEHB.

A. I can’t advise you on what to do. However, if you moved from self and family FEHB coverage to self-only and then died, she would be barred from re-enrolling if it became desirable for her to do so. Further, before making a decision, check the benefits available from her other coverages against what your plan provides.


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