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Q. I retired in July 2011 as a FERS employee with the Federal Bureau of Prisons with more than 21 years of service. Can I work for another government agency as a GS employee full time? Will it affect my pension?

A. Unless you are hired into one of those rare positions that allows you to receive both your annuity and the full salary of your new position, your salary will be reduced by the amount of your annuity.


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    • Section 9902 of Title 5, U.S. Code, allows the Defense Department to rehire annuitants, regardless of which agency they retire from, without an offset. The same is true of the FBI, under Public Law 108-458. And the intelligence community under Public Law 108-458. In addition, an agency can request Office of Personnel Management approval on a case-by-case basis. However, the use of these authorities is strictly limited, usually involving an immediate need for unique or specialized skills, extreme difficulty in hiring, or an emergency. They are often filled on a short-term, time-limited basis.
      Limited-time appointments may also be made under Public Law 111-84 when an agency concludes that it’s necessary to carry out certain critical functions. That authority is limited to 520 hours during the six months following an employee’s annuity commencing date or 1,040 hours during any 12-month period. The lifetime maximum is 3,120 hours.
      There are other, even more limited opportunities involving the re-employment of Foreign Service annuitants, re-employment into acquisition positions, re-employment under a personal services contract, etc.

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