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Q. I have been notified that my post office will be downgraded and will operate at reduced hours (four hours a day) as of June 2014. I have also been told if I can’t find another postmaster position in an office operating at six hours a day or more by June 2014, I will be terminated and replaced by the postmaster relief or other non-career personnel. The termination will be involuntary on my part and considered a reduction in force. In June 2014, I will be 55, with 28 years of service under FERS. As of that date, I will not have met my minimum retirement age (56) and years of service (30) for full retirement.

1) If I am terminated involuntarily (which I expect to be), will I be eligible for the discontinued service retirement annuity?

2) Will my annuity be based on 28 years of service?

3) Will my annuity be reduced as a result of not meeting my minimum retirement age and years of service?

4) Will I begin to receive my special retirement supplement at my minimum retirement age one year later (June 2015)?

5) Will I be able to carry my health insurance into retirement?

A. 1) Yes. 2) Your annuity will be based on your total years and months of creditable service. 3) The age penalty won’t apply to your annuity. 4) You’ll begin receiving the special retirement supplement when you reach your MRA. 5) If you were enrolled in FEHB for the five consecutive years before you retire, you will be able to carry that coverage into retirement.


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