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Q. I have had five surgeries due to work-related injuries. I have four workers’ comp case numbers. I also have a permanent disability on my shoulder and will be receiving a permanent disability on my left forearm and wrist. I recently put in for medical retirement and am awaiting a decision. My workers’ comp doctor has mentioned several times that I should be on workers’ comp after five surgeries, but I don’t know how I am supposed to apply for that, and no one seems to want to answer those questions. Does putting in for the medical disability make me eligible for the workers’ comp disability, which pays more?

A. If you want to apply for workers’ compensation, you’ll need to fill out a copy of Form CA-1, available from your personnel office or downloadable at Having put in for disability retirement is irrelevant. If you qualify for workers’ comp and disability retirement, you’ll have to choose the benefit you prefer.


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  1. My husband works for the post office he was injured on the job and has been on workers comp for about 6 years now . We want to do foster care but we’re told we could but they would take the money from him which it’s not really considered income it’s reimbursement to help the child . Is this true ?

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