FEHBP and Medicare Part B


Q. I am turning 65 and, although professional and educated, am struggling with the “right” choice for Medicare. My service was 15 years CSRS and 18 years FERS.

I pay approximately $100/month for excellent HMO coverage. Taking Medicare Part B seems to be doubling my cost without seeing much return on investment other than to appear to be over-insured. Is there any legislation pending or any other compelling reason to take Part B in addition to maintaining FEHBP?

A. Signing up for Medicare Part B is a personal decision. No one is pressing you to do that by either persuasion or legislation. Before making a decision, read your plan brochure to see what it has to say about the effects of enrolling or not enrolling in Part B. Then compare the benefits provide by your plan and Part B to see if the latter fills important gaps in coverage for you.


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