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Q. I am a federal firefighter GS-12 and am facing mandatory retirement in 15 months. I have been offered another job on base that is not in the 0081 category but is still a GS-12. I could work past 57 in this position, but will I lose my 1.7 percent annuity for my first 20 years if I accept this position? I have 26 years and am only getting 1 percent per year now.

A. Your 1.7 percent annuity multiplier for 20 years of firefighter service is locked in. No matter what kind of job you take, it won’t have any effect on that.


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  1. I am a federal firefighter GS-9 step 9. I have 6 years of military time which I have bought back. I have been with the fire department 27 years. I am retiring at the end of December with the fire department. If I accept a GS 11 position with another agency at the same base I am currently working, how will that affect my retirement. Do I just shift from the fire department to the new job? and everything stays the same?

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