Special retirement supplement calculation for firefighter


Q. I have 27+ years as a federal firefighter (72-hour weekly shifts) and planning retirement Nov. 30 (at age 54). My date of hire was July 1985, which gives me 27 years and four months. For calculating my estimated Social Security supplement, I was told that 1985 would not count because it wasn’t a full year and 2012 would not count because I am not working a full year also. My credible time for federal Social Security supplement = 26 years even though I have 27 1/3.

For example, Social Security estimate $1400 divided by 40 = $35.

$35 x 26= $910 monthly vs. 27 x 35= $945. Is that statement correct?

A. Yes. To see how the special retirement supplement is calculated, go to www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C051.pdf.


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